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High, Friends! features conversations with entertainers, content creators, scientists, medical professionals, and so much more. High, Friends! was started with the goal of connecting like minded people, and our guests are stoners and non-stoners alike who are all kind buds, and high friends.

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Danksgiving Feast

Sunday Nov 27, 2022

Sunday Nov 27, 2022

High, friends! It's a short one today, Thanksgiving leftovers to eat and all. Today it's just Adam solo opining about things to be thankful for about cannabis. We'll be back in two weeks with the Chris GAD episode, where we continue talking about creativity, autism, and neurodiversity general. You won't want to miss that episode.
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Sunday Nov 13, 2022

High, Friends! Barak Hardley joins Adam today to talk a little bit about what makes cannabis so special for him, how it cranks the dial, and his mantra each time he smokes. 
We also talk at length about creativity, making art, ceasing to be wanderers to become explorers, and so much more. You might know Barak from his guest role on The Office opposite Ed Helms, John Krasinski, and the whole Office cast, when he starred as Gideon, a PhD candidate studying North America's diminishing blue collar workforce. Find him on TikTok and Instagram to follow his creativity. You won't regret it.
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Sunday Oct 30, 2022

High, friends! Chris GAD (@genericartdad on TikTok) makes content about autism. He might tell you he's the Hank Green meets mental health, or honestly, it's more likely you'll come to that conclusion on your own. Chris writes and performs short form moments in time, usually between an autistic person and an allistic person, as a way to help neurodivergent people recognize themselves and apply the ideas being shared to their own relationships/lives.
Chris and I talk about a lot. Creating in general, the drive to have a professional product, helping people with autism understand the allistics they have relationships, and we tackle a bit of a big question: Is autism a problem to be fixed? If you enjoy Chris' short form content, you will love this conversation and the one that is to come when Chris joins for another episode soon.
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Sunday Oct 16, 2022

Lee Cleaveland is a lot of things: Amazing guitarist and musician, limb difference advocate, cyborg (by his own admission). Lee's song "Daddy's Got a Med Card" is what drew my attention to his band, Lee Cleaveland and the Lefthand Band. They're a bluesy, punkish, kinda Mumford and Sons...sometimes. I like listening to Lee's records because it doesn't feel like just one genre. They are often just a collection of good music. 
Light up something good and listen in for some previews of the tunes we're speaking on, and be sure to check out the links to where you can check Lee out at below.
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Sunday Oct 02, 2022

High, Friends! You'll notice right away that today the format of the show has changed pretty drastically, and my conversation with Leif starts immediately. Trying some new things out; throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks. You know how it goes.
My guest today, Leif Andersen, hosts an amazing podcast called, "Let's Get High and Read the Bible." His co-host, Geoff Reading, couldn't join today, but Leif and I have a great conversation that spans everything from his start in music listening to a church camp counselor play Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana, road life while touring in bands, and how life in green rooms led to his fascination with smoking weed, reading the bible, and the entertaining show he hosts.
If you have any kind of Christian faith background, this is an episode you'll want to hear.
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Sunday Sep 18, 2022

High, friends! Today is a little different and you're getting a story from my old friend Marty "The Meatman" Sosnowski. Marty is a great storyteller who spent years involved in the rock music industry at a time when cannabis was really influencing the culture. As a way of introduction to this charming, charismatic old school stoner, I thought I'd just let you hear about his last hurrah with cannabis. 
I'll occasionally release episodes with some longer form stories that fit into the, "A Time You Took The High Road," theme. 
I'll be back next episode with our regularly scheduled content. Cheers.
Madison Story Slam
Marty "The Meat Man" Sosnowski: The Complete Works

Sunday Sep 04, 2022

High, Friends! Today you'll hear about two new products being put into the High Concept Products Stash. We've also got Mason Palmer, of Honest, to have a great conversation all about functional design, desiring products that make other people suddenly become Owen Wilson, and how listening to your customers, and building a culture of communication, can lead to a pretty sweet product line.
If you've got a story to share and want to be part of A Time You Took The High Road, shoot Adam a DM on Instagram. You can find the account here: @highfriendspod
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Sunday Aug 21, 2022

High, Friends! Today I'm joined by Ryan Sprague of Highly Optimized for a small introduction to the "Woo Woo" side of cannabis that we've touched on with each episode. You heard Ryan on the last episode talking about the salsa dance analogy in relation to cannabis use. I love the way Ryan talks about intention, and while I'm not into this side of the plant as much as he is, I do find it fascinating. Plus! Ryan has a lot of great thoughts on how to use cannabis to optimize your daily life if you're not looking to use it as a spiritual tool of mysticism. 
Also, once you're passed the 4:20 mark, you better have something to spark up because I'm debuting a new segment called, "The Opening Hit," where we smoke together before getting into the real meat of the show. I'm using the Capsule Water Pipe from Honest because on the next episode, I'm speaking with their founder, Mason Palmer. 
Toke up, sit back, and relax as you listen to the sweet dulcet tones of Adam and Ryan talking cannabis and some of the Woo Woo we've heard so much about.
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Sunday Aug 07, 2022

I've been thinking lately that a lot of the classic stoner symptoms, what my guest and I decide to call, "stonerisms," are learned behaviors and wanted to have a conversation about that. My guest today is Dr. Codi Peterson, a pediatric pharmacist and cannabis science expert. Our conversation runs the gamut when it comes to my stoner thoughts on what cannabis does and doesn't do to our bodies. The Cannigma, which Codi is the Chief Science Officer of, is a science forward media company that wants to help the world get cannabis. 
I'm also joined by Mike, from Dro.TV, who is helping debut a new segment, Here's To The High Life. I was recently on Dro.TV's show, My First Time, where I told an amalgamation of stories that more or less add up to, "my first time." 
Dr. Codi Peterson Links:
www.cannigma.com  For all your cannabis questions
www.pharmdapproved.com  For personal consults
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Sunday Jul 24, 2022

High, Friends! Thanks for joining the sesh. Hope you find it worth your while, and that you might learn a thing or two.
Today Adam is joined by Charles McElroy, cannabis advocate and founder of the company Goldleaf. Goldleaf makes journaling and reference materials for cannabis enthusiasts. I've loved this company from the early days of getting into cannabis, and they really helped me take cannabis seriously, and treat it with the reverence it deserves. 
We're doing a giveaway of some Goldleaf products on our Instagram the week of 07/25/2022 through 08/01/2022. Check the link to our Instagram below.
Megan Mbengue, The Trusted Canna Nurse, joins us at the top of the show to talk about different cannabis related products, what she does for her job and online, and we both agree that when it comes to bongs, functional design is the gold standard. Adam also introduces a new product segment called the, "High, Friends! High Concept Products Stash." 
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Goldleaf Links:
https://shopgoldleaf.com/     https://www.instagram.com/gldleaf/ 
Trust Canna Nurse Links
https://www.trustedcannanurse.com/   https://www.instagram.com/trustedcannanurse/
http://TikTok.com/@trustedcannanurse   https://www.facebook.com/trustedcannanurse

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