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High, Friends! features conversations with entertainers, content creators, scientists, medical professionals, and so much more. High, Friends! was started with the goal of connecting like minded people, and our guests are stoners and non-stoners alike who are all kind buds, and high friends.

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Sunday Jul 10, 2022

High, Friends! We're so glad you could stop in for a smoke. Welcome to the first episode of our show. We can't wait to bring you great, engaging content about the fun, the science, and the health benefits of cannabis. We'll undoubtedly have those typical high conversations about movies, life, and all things weed; but we can't wait to bring you the amazing guests who have so much to say, and often teach, about this amazing plant.
Speaking of guests, not only are we lucky enough to have any guest on our first episode, we have none other than cannabis research scientist, from Profound Naturals, Riley Kirk ( Riley Dee )! You might know Riley better from her TikTok/Instagram account @cannabichem (links down below). Riley is an incredibly knowledgeable educator of all thing cannabis, and she's passionate about communicating it in a way that is accessible to everyone. We're so excited to have Riley to be our introduction to the science side of our favorite plant. If you like what Riley's all about, you can also find her podcast Smoke N' Science anywhere you find quality podcasts.
Riley's Links:
Profound Naturals website: www.ProfoundNaturals.com (legal in all states)
High, Friends! Links:

An Introduction to High, Friends!

Wednesday Jul 06, 2022

Wednesday Jul 06, 2022

Launching 7/10/2022! We are so excited to bring you interviews, smoke seshes, and a variety of segments all intended to not only focus on the science and benefits of cannabis, but also the fun of it. Productive stoners welcome here.
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